Thursday, 29 January 2009

Bomb-proof concrete hailed a success

Taken from the EPSRC website.

Engineers at the University of Liverpool have tested a new form of bomb-proof concrete that could lead to the return of litter bins in public areas.

The EPSRC funded project found that that the fibre-reinforced concrete reduces the impact of bomb blasts a thousand times more than ordinary concrete.

The testing involved explosions based on IRA car bombs, carried out at an RAF base in Cumbria.

The new type of concrete has needle-thin steel fibres added into the mix to increase its tensile strength instead of the usual steel reinforcing bars.

It could also prove important in the use of protection barriers designed to shield people from bomb blasts outside public buildings.

To read more, see the original news story on the EPSRC website.

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  1. Great invention. This invention reduce the effect of bomb blast.