Thursday, 15 January 2009

BBSRC plant scientists who 'could change the world' highlighted

Taken from the BBSRC website.

Two researchers who have received support from BBSRC and the Agricultural and Food Research Council (AFRC) – BBSRC’s forerunner – have been highlighted in a News Feature in the journal Nature profiling five scientists working to improve global agricultural productivity.

With rising worldwide food prices and a growing global population, the world requires another ‘green revolution’, such as the one seen in the decades after the Second World War, to improve agricultural productivity. Zhang Jianhua, a plant physiologist who was supported by AFRC in the 1980s, and Julian Hibberd, a BBSRC-funded molecular biologist at the University of Cambridge, have been highlighted by Nature for the part they are playing in this.

To read more please see the original news story on the BBSRC website.

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