Thursday, 30 April 2009

New digital technology research centres launched

Three new centres to develop digital technology to transform the lives of the elderly, disabled, and people in rural communities have been announced by Lord Drayson, Minister for Science and Innovation.

Building on plans to provide universal connectivity to broadband in the UK, the new research ‘hubs’ will be based in Nottingham, Newcastle and Aberdeen universities and are the biggest investment ever made by the research councils in creating a Digital Britain.
Lord Drayson at the press briefing, 28th April

Digital hubs

The centres' mission will be to connect people with digital technology to radically improve the way we live, work, play, and travel to ensure that everyone is included in our digital future. They will also develop new ways to utilise digital technologies to help business and stimulate economic growth.

The three hubs will each have a different focus: University of Aberdeen - transforming rural communities; the University of Nottingham - developing business opportunities; and Newcastle University - new technology for social inclusion.

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