Thursday, 13 August 2009

Questions kids ask

Why is the sky blue? Where do bees go in winter? What makes waves?

Are you sometimes stumped by the questions that your children ask you? Well, you are not alone. We at Science: [So what? So everything] found that a whopping 80% of parents have been baffled by the questions their children ask about the way things work.

But help is at hand. This website arms parents of young children with the science facts they need to answer their children’s tricky questions. There are also ideas for days out across the country and different activities families can do, to help both children and their parents to understand more about the science behind the way things work.

Please send your suggestions for fantastic science resources to help answer kids' questions, or ideas for “days out in your area” to We will place the best examples on the website.

Visit the Science: [so what? so everything] site to find out more

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